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Thai Privilege Spa Philosophy
From Belief to Benevolent
The balanced – life is very valuable in our daily life. One of many aspects of healthy life is relaxation and powerful mind. Not only do we bring the True Thai environment to you but Thai Privilege Spa Philosophy also brings you relaxation and Empowering your mind. For us, Thai Privilege Spa is not just the spa where you can find relaxation. Yet, Thai Privilege Spa is the place where you can empower back to your body and your life.Relaxation
To relax your body, Eastern heritage has been practicing for thousands years and various kinds of treatments were created to relax people. We bring you this traditional knowledge and blended into our treatments to serve and make you feel relax. Our Spa Advisors are waiting for you to help you create the treatment that suit you.
Let’s give your body a chance to activate its healing system.Empowering your mind
Mediation is also our practice. For Thai Privilege Spa, we created our spa to be the place where you can make a pause for your life and get out of the extremely World.

The human mind is running so fast, never stop and never rest. We have been overheating our mind everyday … every minute … and every second. The mind is overused and becomes weak. This is our easy answer to you that why Thai Privilege Spa was created and why you need “SPA.”
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  • Skin Care 2
  • Classic Skin Hydrating Treatment 1 hr
    Best for sensitive, dry or after-sun care skin, this is an ultra-nourishing massage using firm, extended strokes. Together with 100% Aloe Vera gel blended with Rejuvenating oil, this hydrating treatment will allow your skin to absorb and retain moisture, and allow for rejuvenation of healthier skin.
    * FREE Consult
  • Aloe Vera Rejuvenating Masque 1 hr
    Developed for parched and prematurely-aged/stressed skin, our soothing and moisture-rebalancing facial massage begins with reflexive lymphatic drainage massage and mild deep cleansing. An Aloe Vera Extracts gel mask will be applied on the face and its active ingredients will help to maximize hydration to the epidermis’ upper layers and reduce signs of lines and aging. It’s then completed with floral water toning spray and Golden Q10 lift moisturizing gel. Recommended for dry – normal skin especially sun-damaged or environmentally-stressed skin.
    * FREE Consult
  • Body SPA 6
  • Siam Thermal Therapy (Hot Salt Pot Treatment) 30 mins
    An ancient Thai remedy that begins with stretches and acupressure to soothe body tension and balance energy lines. A warm Thai clay pot filled with sea salt will be applied and massaged on the body to assist in body detoxification and reduce water retention. The temperature from hot salt crystals, transferred through the clay pot, re-energizes warmth through your body and wards off flu and cold. Recommended after Anti-cellulite or Detoxifying massage, and most suited for ladies with persistent cramps.
    * FREE Consult
  • Royal Thai Massage 1 hr
    This unique, tender, and humble Thai massage style was developed for the almost daily pleasure of the royal family. Recommended for those who love firm acupressure, graceful massage movements and gentle stretching. Palms and thumbs are applied to pressure on body energy lines and muscles.
    * FREE Consult
  • Sport Massage 1 hr
    This is an intense, muscle and tendon-focused massage techniques performed with Healing massage oil. This full body, therapeutic targets back muscles and joints, shoulders, arms, waist and tights, and is the best choice to warm sore muscles, release body aches and anxiety, and reduce repetitive pain syndrome.
    * FREE Consult
  • Thai Herbal Scrub Treatment 1 hr 30 mins
    Refreshing and gentle, this is natural exfoliating treatment with a choice of your favorite Thai herbal scrubs. Start with a full body scrub before shower and finish off with a light massage of moisturizing Aloe Vera and herbal essences. Our herbal scrubs are packed with natural AHA and multivitamins, and helps to remove skin debris, renew healthy cells to achieve a soft, radiant appearance. Scrubs are recommended once a week before any wrap treatment or after water treatment.
    * FREE Consult
  • Back & Shoulder Massage 30 mins
    A quick but effective soothing massage with Relaxing massage oil specifically targets to release stress and tight muscles around the neck, shoulders and back. The aromatic essential oils extracted not only relax your tension but also make you feel refresh after the treatment. Suitable for all busy workers in short break during day time or after work.
    * FREE Consult
  • Thai Herbal Wrap Treatment 1 hr 30 mins
    A toning and pore-minimizing body wrap with your choice of wraps. The natural wrap is lightly applied all over the body and then covered with towel blanket, leaving the healing properties of herbs to be absorbed by the skin. After shower, a light massage of nourishing Aloe Vera and herbal essences will follow. This treatment aims to purify as well as moisturize the body. Recommended once a week after Privilege scrub or Aromatic Steam Bath.
    * FREE Consult
  • Beauty 2
  • Detoxifying Massage For Healthy Skin(2 Therapists) 1 hr
    Inspired by our unique 4-hands lymphatic drainage massage with Rejuvenating massage oil, this body treatment is performed along the symmetrical lymph node lines. It stimulates toxic elimination and promotes healthy skin. Suitable for those with ashy, under-nourished skin, sleep disorders or late night party-goers. Best before Siam Thermal Treatment or after Aromatic Steam Bath.
    * FREE Consult
  • Earth Purifying Face Massage 1 hr
    A natural detoxifying and oil controlling facial massage specially designed for soft and bright skin. Starts with pH-balance cleanser and gentle lymphatic drainage massage to relax and promote blood circulation. This is followed by mineral rich Thai mud mask to absorb excessive sebum and clogged pores and finished with a floral water toning spray and Golden Q10 lift-moisturizing face gel. This treatment helps to tone and minimize pores. Excellent for normal - oily skin, once or twice a week. (not advisable for sensitive skin)
    * FREE Consult
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The Thai Privilege Spa Certificates Award by the “World Class Thai Spa”
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17 Oct 2016
@ The Thai Privilege Spa
Perfect shop! Really Great!
แดเนียล ดีเซล
13 Oct 2016
@ The Thai Privilege Spa
Perfect shop! Really Great!
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