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Regenerative Medical Solutions (RMS) is a Medical Center that provides breakthrough and advanced treatment for anti-aging, aesthetics and slimming, involving safe and proven biopharmaceutical medicine from Switzerland.
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Prices: 1000 THB — 65000 THB
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  • Medical Beauty 4 show cheaper 28000 THB
  • Botox Therapy (Korea) BOTULAX 100 Units 1 hr 15000 THB Book now
  • BOTOX THERAPY (USA) ALLERGAN 100 Units 1 hr 20000 THB Book now
  • FILLER (JUVEDERM) Juvederm 1 hr 30 mins 20000 THB Book now
  • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) 2 hrs 28000 THB Book now
  • Skin Care 2 show cheaper 55000 THB
  • Oxygen In Blood Cell In Ozone Therapy 45 mins 3500 THB Book now
  • Beauty 8 show cheaper 65000 THB
  • RMS Clinic 45 mins * 3000 THB Book now
    Fat burn , Body Building and Muscular Enhancement
    Myopep is a proprietary amino acid complex capable of inducing a pharmaceutical grade eect in human muscle and adipose fat function. Introduced by LAB RMS in 2012, Myopep has been sequenced and bio-engineered to enhance muscle glucose utilization and growth, while reducing the production of fat throughout the body.

    LAB RMS, the founder and sole distributor of the proprietary peptide-based biopharmaceutical innovation Myopep, has leveraged on its years of modern stem cell research to specically identify and isolate peptide elements that can inhibit muscle receptor sites to deactivate the specialized enzymes, Myostatin, which is rimarily responsible for the cessation of myogenesis. This innovation is further solidied following the company’s pivotal discovery of an isoform of follistatin that can eectuate myostatin inhibition not only at a highly eective rate, but also under a unique self-limiting scheme. This ‘myostatin blocking’ peptide developed by LAB RMS is metabolized after a specic period of time, hence eliminating the possibility of an interminable signaling of muscle growth. By varying the applications based on result feedback, Myopep is essentially sculpting the body over time – causing weight loss, muscle building and adding tonality – with a critical element of self-regulation. The Myopep peptide formulation is an integral part of the therapeutic care for type 2 diabetes related weight issues, obesity related weight loss and for muscular enhancement and sports medical rehabilitation, and has to be done under the strict supervision of a licensed physician. The dosage and frequency of Myopep administration varies depending on the intended eect. It can be injected subcutaneously at the abdominal area for maximum result, and has to be repeated to sculpt the physique to a desired satisfaction as a single dose of Myopep is designed to work only for a short period of time. Increased muscular denition, waist reduction and blood sugar control can be achieved within days of initial treatment. Myopep comes in two specic product series, Myosport and Myoslim, to explicitly cater to two target groups - those who want to build larger and toner muscles, and those who want to lose weight and look slimmer.
    For Body Building and Muscular Enhancement
    Myosport is an innovative peptide solution that can induce equivalent anabolic steroid results on muscle formation without the adverse side eects, withdrawal or reactions often engendered by steroids or testosterone. Myosport enhances myogenesis through the inhibition of myostatin found at the receptor sites in skeletal muscles. Metabolism or glycolisis (sugar metabolism) rises, forcing fat to be broken down into sugar to feed muscular action and growth. It ultimately causes hypertrophic eect in which muscles begin to grow larger, adding greater strength and denition to the body. People diagnosed with a genetic disorder involving myostatin deciency are observed to have the capacity to build muscles similar to that of a professional body builder, but with little eort as though they are aided by steroids. Through scientic studies, myostatin-decient people are found to live free of side eects. Consistent to this observation, clinical studies on the safety of Myosport conducted by LAB RMS have also shown no side eect or rejection. This success can be primarily attributed to the unique self-limiting qualities of Myosport, as the peptide will be metabolized and excreted naturally approximately a week later. Myosport is highly eective for existing body builders to accomplish greater muscle denition. It is a better alternative to steroids or testosterone as these peptides are self-limiting and functions by inhibiting the myostatin instead of addressing the hormonal structure of the body to induce muscular growth in the case of steroids or testosterone. The muscle building and toning eects are long-lasting and should be maintained with regular strength training and workout. Nonetheless, it is very important to individually ascertain the goal and desired outcome of clients, based on their existing Body Mass Index and Fat Percentage. Clients with a high initial BMI may require more than one box of Myosport over a longer duration. LAB RMS projects that the consistent administration of Myosport according to the recommended dosage and frequency will induce a minimum increase of 15% in skeletal muscle volume after 4 weeks. When the intended muscle growth is achieved, the supplement is no longer needed and new muscles will maintain. Dosage: 10 x 2ml vials per box Protocol: Three subcutaneous administration of one Myosport vial each time at the abdominal area in the rst week. Frequency of administration can be reduced in the following weeks based on result feedback. The treatment course for Myosport should be done independently without any form of anabolic steroids. Compulsory exercise: Regular workout (resistance training involving eccentric contraction exercises) at a frequency of 3-4 times a week is necessary for the treatment to be eective, as part of the necessary process in this peptide treatment is to induce stimulating work onto the muscles so that myostatin are consistently activated at the muscle receptor sites, thereafter allowing the peptides to carry out its myostatin-blocking function. Suggested Diet Plan: A modulation of diet, preferably high-protein and low-sugar consumption, during the treatment course is encouraged. As an illustration, a high protein Mediterranean diet of fish, rice and steamed vegetable low in carbohydrates; an organic whole food diet and limited alcohol consumption with at least two litres of puried water daily.
    * 65000 THB Book now
  • Thyroid Health, Metabolic Syndrome And Auto- Immune Disease Free & Free 3 hrs * 1000 THB Book now
  • Doctor Fee / Consultation Anti-Aging 30 mins 2000 THB Book now
  • Regenerative Medical Solutiions Center 1 hr 2500 THB Book now
  • RMS Clinic Chelation 1 hr 30 mins 2500 THB Book now
  • Chelation Therapy Chelation 2 hrs 30 mins 3500 THB Book now
  • * - is the minimum price of the service
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Vayu Lom
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