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Bang Na-Trad 23 Alley, Bang Na-Trad Rd., Khwaeng Bang Na, Khet Bang Na, Samut Prakan 10260, Thailand
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Thailand Traditional Massage It is a science that deals with the health of Thailand and care for illness of Thailand. The society we live with Thailand since ancient times. Is of wisdom Fathers Thailand has tried and true practice, the actual results and then transferred successor to the doctor. Thailand plans with the history and development parallel to the history of the people of Thailand can be seen from the Sukhothai historical evidence, such as the discovery of the stone inscriptions of King Ramkhamhaeng. Great, who has recorded that he built a large herb garden on Mount Royal or his representatives have Sapphaya to collect herbs to cure sickness. Ayutthaya, especially during the reign of King Narai the collected texts, which for the first time in the history of medicine Thailand called "cookbook medicine Vishnu, the" medicine Thailand nowadays are very prosperous. In particular, the early Rattanakosin massage medicine Thailand, it is also popular in general in the reign of the first collected and written texts inverted Dutton texts Therapy Thailand under the pavilion. Temple of the Reclining Buddha Chetuphon. And in the reign of the three ancient Maya texts were all good and reliable as of the properties. Available in those days Taken as evidence that the inscription on the marble. Decorations on the walls, pillars and walls of the temple town stadium around the pagoda four daughters. And the Hall of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Phra Chetuphon's) reign of 6 is considered a depression of the medical plan, Thailand. Or traditional medicine Due to the cancellation of traditional medicine. And later with the announcement of the royal - The True Medical. To control the practice of medicine To prevent damage that may be caused to the public due to health professionals who have the knowledge and training nor the unavailability of teaching, examination and publicity. Making many traditional doctors Very afraid of being caught, so quit this occupation. It was left to burn books they have. This is a very disappointing seventh reign of the enactment stewards. Divided into the practice of medicine "Modern" and "traditional" Thailand is why the medicine or traditional medicine. Back awake again
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Prices: 250 THB — 500 THB
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  • Body SPA 5 show cheaper 500 THB
  • Thai Massage 1 hr Minimum Price 250 THB Book now
  • Foot Massage 1 hr Minimum Price 250 THB Book now
  • Thai Massage+ Foot Massage+ Oil Massage 1 hr Minimum Price 500 THB Book now
  • Thai Oil Massage 1 hr Minimum Price 500 THB Book now
  • Thai Herbal Compress 1 hr Minimum Price 400 THB Book now
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นวดไทยสปา บางนาตราด
นวดไทยสปา บางนาตราด
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@ Thai Massage
17 Oct 2016
@ The Union Of Thai Tradition Medicne Society
Perfect shop! Really Great!
13 Oct 2016
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Nice shop
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