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"Antidote" means a remedy that stops or controls the effects of a poison or something that makes an unpleasant situation better. What an appropriate name for a spa.
Inside, the spa is decorated with dark wood and glass. It is composed of 7 treatment rooms: 3 single rooms, 2 double rooms, 1 Thai suite and 1 spa suite. All treatment rooms have window views. From the 7th floor the view are nice. I like to have the blinds open during the treatment, even though not looking outside you can see what is going on, without anyone noticing. It gives a unique experience to enjoy the treatment and see the busy surrounding at the same time.
Treatment products used are Dermalogica for facial treatments and Panpuri for body treatments.
My companion was recommended "Balinese Massage + Pampering Thai Facial". The "Balinese Massage" is usually a mild treatment but at the Antidote spa, it is different from other places. Khun Duean the therapists uses the elbows, making this a strong treatment. The elbow, a magic tool for the massage providing pressure through out the body from the upper to the lower part of the body . After body treatment had been done, "Pampering Thai Facial" was followed. A lot of moisturizing products is used. My companion was not allergic even though she has a sensitive facial skin, she felt awesome. I tried the "Post-Swing + Micro Zone facial treatment". "Post-Swing" is a treatment for after a game of golf or a long day in front of a monitor screen. It is a whole body massage focusing on the back and shoulder. This time my therapist was a man, Khun Montri; big built, strong and rough hands. It felt a bit awkward. If you've been to a spa almost evey week like I do, you would feel the difference of a man's touch. However, the treatment was fine and relaxing. I even fell asleep. The 30 minutes "Micro Zone treatment" followed. It is a facial treatment which is a combination of many products from cleansing, toning to moisturizing aplied softly. Before I received this treatment, I had a very dry face, after the treatment my skin is more moist and clear.
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17 Oct 2016
@ The Antidote Spa
Perfect shop! Really Great!
แดเนียล ดีเซล
13 Oct 2016
@ The Antidote Spa
Perfect shop! Really Great!
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