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Thanon Rattanathibet, Tambon Sai Ma, Amphoe Mueang Nonthaburi, Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand
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VIS Clinic' slogan is "very impressive surgery", so the doctors' task is not just deliver hundreds surgeries but to make someone really happy with professional makeover.
VIS Plastic Surgery Clinic in Nonthaburi, Thailand is very well located for everyone who is looking for surgery services in the North of Bangkok and upper region.
Their prices policy allows patients afford services like breast augmentation with popular brand implant and operation made by a surgeon with the experience of over 500 breast operations.
Please book your doctor appointment for consultation of treatment by phone or online.
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  • Surgery 17 show cheaper 79900 THB
  • Nose Surgery 1 hr
    If you like a thin nose there are ways to shape implants in them, which can be separated in 3 sorts: Cartilage, Silicone, and Filler. The muscle utilized as a part of the nose surgery originates from different parts of our body, for example, from ears for healing is faster or from our rib which is for the beneficial reason to alter the handicapped area so it can look better, because areas like these heal quickly. The silicone, both moment and hand-made can be utilized for surgery. However, there are distinctive choices that depend on the person. The silicone surgery can be isolated into 2 sorts, the first is to cover the injury inside the nose, this sort helps patient to disguise their surgery wound and another sort is the open injury surgery. The last material is the filler which will be filled in the nose to alter and adjust nose shape. Avoid Alcohol use after this as it affects the cells that heal your body.
    Minimum Price 12900 THB Book now
  • Cheek Dimple 1 hr Minimum Price 7900 THB Book now
  • Breast Augmentation : Allergan 1 hr
    Breast Augmentation surgery is made in purpose of improving breast shape or enlarging it.
    The surgeon will make a cut under your bosoms, under your arms, or around your nipples, depending on the reason of operation, the sort of insert, and the amount of enlargement. Doctor will put the breast implant into a pocket above or underneath your midsection muscle. After the insert is set up, the surgeon will close the cuts with sutures or surgical tape.
    Vigorous exercise should be avoided for at least three weeks. No push-ups or weight lifting for a month after under the muscle breast implants.
    Minimum Price 69900 THB Book now
  • Breast Augmentation : Mentor 1 hr Minimum Price 79900 THB Book now
  • Reduction Lip (Upper Or Lower) 30 mins Minimum Price 9900 THB Book now
  • Lip Augmentation 1 hr Minimum Price 15000 THB Book now
  • Lip Augmentation (Upper And Lower) 1 hr Minimum Price 19900 THB Book now
  • Revision Rhinoplasty 1 hr Minimum Price 5000 THB Book now
  • Alar Reduction 1 hr Minimum Price 8000 THB Book now
  • Vaser Liposuction 1point 30 mins Minimum Price 15000 THB Book now
  • Chin Implant Removal (lesion Under Chin) 30 mins Minimum Price 8900 THB Book now
  • Chin Implant Removal (lesion Inside) 30 mins Minimum Price 12900 THB Book now
  • Chin Surgery 1 hr Minimum Price 15900 THB Book now
  • Eyelig Surgery 1 hr Minimum Price 12900 THB Book now
  • Canthoplaaty 1 hr Minimum Price 14900 THB Book now
  • Abdominoplasty 1 hr 45 mins Minimum Price FREE Consult 69000 THB Book now
  • Abdominoplasty 1 hr Minimum Price 69900 THB Book now
  • Medical Beauty 1 show cheaper 4500 THB
  • Botox 30 mins Minimum Price 4500 THB Book now
Business Hours
  • monday 11:00 - 20:00
  • Tuesday 11:00 - 20:00
  • Wednesday 11:00 - 20:00
  • Thursday 11:00 - 20:00
  • Friday 11:00 - 20:00
  • saturday 11:00 - 20:00
  • Sunday 11:00 - 20:00
Paveena Lawanlakkana
Paveena Lawanlakkana
Surakarn Saraithong
Surakarn Saraithong
The prices for cosmetic and plastic surgery in VIS Clinic are presented by the surgery clinic owner or administration. Bookup Asia is a booking service and it has various terms and conditions of partnering shops and clinics. Nose, eyelid, breast surgery cost in VIS Clinic may differ from the minimal price due to the volume and complexity of work provided by the surgeon and the implant or material brand used for the operation. VIS Clinic discounts are limited in time and are set depending on the terms of promotion campaign.
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8 Dec 2016
@ VIS Clinic
our company specilized in producing HA filler, botox, PDO thread, HGH, HCG for more than 16 years, please contact me: [email protected]
อรวรรณ อุบลกิจ
23 Nov 2015
@ Nose Surgery
สวย พอใจมากค่ะ โด่งสวย ได้ืรงตามที่อยากได้ คุณหมอวี เก่งและมือเบามากค่ะ ทรงสวย
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