Nose Surgery. Yes or No?

10-20 years ago everybody used to keep a secret any surgery procedures they had. It was not OK for a public person to tell about the improvements he or she made to some parts of the body especially face. But today we have more liberal society going for something more exotic and the cosmetic surgery has got very common.

Nose surgery is one of the most popular and often done operations in Thailand. It is not only about your beauty but about your health as well. There are various types of operations made to a nose. 


Shape the shape with nose surgery

Rhinoplasty - is an aesthetic operation aimed at changing the size or shape of the nose. One of its main tasks is harmonious nose reshaping by preserving individual facial features. Rhinoplasty can be performed, as for medical reasons, in the case of birth defects or injuries, as well as for aesthetic reasons, when the patient is not satisfied with the shape of the nose.


In plastic surgery, there are two main methods of performing rhinoplasty "open"and "closed". The first method is used mainly in cases when it is necessary to work with osteochondral tissue. The surgeon makes an incision near the nostrils and then the skin is assigned to the nose bones and correction is made under visual supervision of a physician. This method requires a long recovery, but provides the most predictable result of the operation.

Closed rhinoplasty is performed through internal cut sections invisible from the outside. This technique is less traumatic which reduces the rehabilitation period. However, it should be noted that in closed rhinoplasty it is more difficult to achieve symmetry.



Furthermore, there exist filler injection and laser rhinoplasty. In the first case, the surgeon uses special fillers intended for correction of small deficiencies. When a laser, doctor uses laser machine instead of a scalpel, which can significantly reduce blood loss and the risk of complications.

Finally, experts distinguish between primary and secondary rhinoplasty. As it becomes clear from the title, the primary rhinoplasty - is the operation performed for the first time. The repeated operation is performed for the correction of deficiencies made during the first surgery. It is important to note that repeated surgery does not always guarantee the better result and longer rehabilitation period compared to the first operation can occur.

Recovery Period

Like any other surgery, rhinoplasty requires a recovery period. Of course its duration depends on the type of surgery, the method of its implementation and some other factors, but on average rehabilitation goes as follows:

  • On the day following rhinoplasty patient may experience a noticeable facial swelling, bruising around eyes and nose. It is important to say that this condition is normal.
  • The first few days (usually 3-4) there are special swabs left in nose. Their main purpose is to maintain the desired shape of the nose. Removing of the tampon is painless and does not cause discomfort to patients.
  • After about 10-14 days swelling and bruising fully disappear, and the primary stage of rehabilitation is completed. The patient can return to normal life, albeit with some restrictions. So, for example, it is recommended to reduce the intensity of physical activity for three months.

Additionally, it is worth to say that the final shape of the nose gets 8-12 months after rhinoplasty. During all this time it is undergoing some changes, and only around a year later the doctor can evaluate the result of their work.


Nose Surgery. Yes or No?

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