Tips for Opening a Nail Salon Business

Starting your own nail salon can be challenging, but it can also be very lucrative and rewarding.With nearly 10,000 nail salons in the
Thailand alone, it is in very high demand and caters to a wide variety of people.


Nail and Your Spa


  Young and old, style-savvy consumers come from all walks of life. They seek nail salon services for special occasions, as a now-and-then treat, or even as a weekly indulgence. For these reasons, opening a nail salon almost anywhere in Thailand can all but guarantee success for a business-minded individual.


Nail and Your Spa


Tips to Help Open Your Nail Salon

   The process for opening a nail salon is very similar to opening any other kind of business. Here are eight tips specifically geared toward your own nail salon


Finance Whether you're looking to strike out on your own or buy into a franchise, you will need starting capital. Create a good, solid
business plan to present to loan officers and investors that includes all of your target expenses.

Location If you plan to build your own store from scratch, you will need a plot of land zoned commercially to build on. It might save you a lot of money, however, to buy or lease an existing location that suits your needs. It might even be possible to lease a small location in a major retail store, such as Wal-Mart or JC Penny's. Make sure that it has room for a waiting area, work area and a separate room for storage.

Equipment A nail salon doesn't carry the same big, expensive, equipment as other beauty salons. It will, however, still be necessary to purchase worktables, chairs, dryers, work lamps, magnifiers and other essentials.

Decorate A nail salon is a very social environment, so make sure your décor is warm, inviting, comfortable and gossip-group friendly.

Supplies Make sure you have a good starting stock of brushes, polishes, adhesives, artificial nails, nail polish removers, files, clippers and other supplies.

Inventory  If you wish to offer after-treatment sales, such as polishes or do- it-yourself nails, conduct research as to what your local clientele might be interested in. Make sure you have a good way to display "for-sale" items.

Staff Make sure that you hire a certified and professional staff to do nails. Try not to start with too many employees; you are just starting out, after all.

Advertise  Hang banners, hand out flyers, and take out ads in the local paper. You might also try offering an incentive to bring in your first customers, such as a 30-percent-off-sale the first day or two.Once you've completed the above, you should be ready to open your door to the public. Show them that you are the best choice around when it comes to nail salons in your area!

Tips for Opening a Nail Salon Business

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