Cheeks and jaws reshaped? Easy! Hello, Botox!

Not everyone gets regular features that carry the external beauty look by nature. Cheeks and jaws are the parts of the face which are more susceptible to some defects both congenital and acquired. Botox into jaw and cheekbones - is one of the most common methods of correction of this part of the face.


Botox for Jaw Correction

During the injection the patients are injected with purified preparation of botulinum toxin with the thin needles in the average skin tissue. Upon customers' request this procedure will be carried out without anesthesia. Positive results will be visible after 7-10 days, the main ones are smoothed wrinkles and cheeks acquired precise contours. This procedure can be performed at any age, only after a personal consultation with the beautician.



Getting into the muscle, Botox relaxes it and thereby helps to eliminate the visible signs of skin deformation. In other words, the injection of Botox allows facial muscles relax returning the contours of its former beauty and resilience. Botox injections in cheeks carried out on an outpatient basis and takes an average of ten to thirty minutes.

Before starting the procedure beauty specialist handles the injected face part with special decontamination solution and marks the points where the drug is going to be injected. For the better effect patients are advised to maintain a vertical position for the next six hours after the procedure.

There are plenty of beauty specialists doing this procedure nowadays. Whether you need consultation or ready to go for botox treatment try out the clinics we have already been to at

Cheeks and jaws reshaped? Easy! Hello, Botox!

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