The more you are relaxed the younger your skin is

Facial skin care is an essential part of any woman's daily routine. All of our worries, problems, stress or bad nutrition affect our skin condition. In most cases home care is not enough to keep your skin well-moistured, clean and young. So beauty industry and science work both on developing the skin products for home care and for professional salon treatments that are carried out by cosmetologists or under their supervision.
Facial skin care in a spa salon is a whole range of treatments , which use the latest achievements of the cosmetics industry or devices. But the main philosophy of spa salons is to use natural ingredients and substances like oils or extracts and various massage techniques to relax your body and soul. So it is not just about putting on day or night cream as we do it at home, it is much deeper and more sophisticated approach to skin wellness and health. 
  • The more you are relaxed the younger your skin is... 
At the spa salon you will experience a wide range of treatments using mineral and thermal waters, mud treatments or herbal infusions. All of these facial treatments are to improve the appearance of your skin, revitalize it, remove toxins and waste and impact on your body as a whole, not just on the facial skin. But most importantly masseur's hands, fragrances, music and pleasant atmosphere make you fully relaxed and all your worries are driven away. You relax to return to everyday life in a calmer condition and full of energy.
Complex spa treatments using aromatherapy, oil massages and herbal steam eliminate the negative impact of harmful urban environment and busy lifestyle of a modern woman. Stress, lack of sleep, air pollution, bad diet worsen skin complexion & tone and eventually lead to premature aging. Regular visits to the spa salon reduce the impact of these negative factors and prolong skin youth.
  • The cleaner the better... 
The basis of any spa treatment is deep cleansing of our skin. To thoroughly cleanse the face and effectively remove makeup and impurities, special cosmetics with thermal water and herbs is used. To remove dead skin cells they use natural scrubs of fine salt and vegetable oils to make skin refreshed, improve blood flow and give all further procedures double effect.
One of the most popular purifying procedures is the mask of clay or mud from the Dead Sea. It is particularly well suited for oily skin to cleanse the pores and reduce oiliness.
  • It is all about you...
Depending on what kind of problem you want to solve coming to a spa salon, facial treatments will be selected individually for you. Massage with herbal and essential oils, mud & fruit masks, aromatherapy, fruit and chemical peelings - these are just a short list of what you will be offered in a salon. But you should first of all consult with a spa master and tell about your worries in a detail describing your skin condition and lifestyle. 
For example if you plan a seaside holiday in the near future you need to make your spa master know about it to avoid the strong treatments like peelings as the sun may affect your skin badly the first two weeks after such procedure. 
 Enjoy and remember that most spa treatments can be applied to your whole body not only face, of course. One day in a spa salon with complex facial and body treatments, herbal tea and light & healthy meal - and you seem to be born again! 

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