Teeth Whitening Options, Causes and Cost

Teeth Whitening

Now that cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular, teeth whitening have definitely topped the list of the most in demand services. Valued both by men and women, whitening techniques are now very much available to cater to every person’s need, time allowance, and budget.

Teeth whitening really works; check dentists reviews in Thailand. Virtually anybody who have chosen to try teeth whitening treatments have seen moderate to superb improvements in the color of their teeth. However, it must be noted that this treatment is not a permanent solution and would require some maintenance or retouches to enjoy a more lasting effect.

Bleaching and Whitening Are Not the Same

Teeth WhiteningDentists in Bangkok would explain to you that bleaching is the right technique if your purpose is to whiten your teeth beyond their natural color. In this procedure, they strictly use products that have bleach like carbamide and hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth WhiteningConversely, whitening refers to the process of restoring teeth’s natural shade by removing debris. Any item that could clean is actually considered a whitener. Generally speaking, whitening would sound more appealing, so it is most commonly used even when you actually meant bleaching.

What Causes Discoloration?

Aging can cause discoloration. Overtime, you may expect teeth to appear darkened due to wearing and tearing and stain or dirt accumulation. Teens are the ones who could enjoy super results from whitening treatments. Those who are in their 20s would start to show yellow stains and whitening would be a little more difficult. Once you reach 40s or 50s, your teeth have already absorbed too many stains which seem to be impossible to clean up.

Natural color. All of us are born with different shades of teeth. Some would have yellow to greenish grey teeth and would be more evident through time. Yellowish to brownish colored teeth are actually more responsive to this kind of treatment.

Thinness of teeth. These are also somewhat genetic. All teeth show their own level of translucency, those who have more opaque and thicker enamels have the advantage. They generally appear white and sparkling and are very much responsive to bleaching.

Front teeth are transparent and thinner. They have small amounts of pigment that is needed for bleaching. Dentists would tell you that transparency is one thing that cannot be treated by any whitening procedure.

Lifestyle. Your eating habits can obviously affect oral hygiene. Regular consumption of tea, colas, oranges, carrots, and other colored ingredients can cause staining. Acidic fruits also contribute to enamel destruction.

Nicotine also causes brownish deposits that can soak deeply into teeth structures and later on turn into a permanent discoloration.

Drugs like tetracycline would produce a brown or grey discoloration. This is very hard to remove.


Whitening treatment done in beauty clinics in Thailand are more costly of course, but are worth spending for. This may still vary depending on how severe the case is, the professional offering the services, your location, and more.

Home whitening kits available over the counter may cost you around a hundred dollars or even less. But of course, there can be a huge difference in the result as compared to those done by a professional.

Teeth Whitening Options, Causes and Cost

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