Whiter than white!

Whiter than white!

That's life! Some girls are dreaming of having nice dark tan, some on the contrary are trying to sustain as much light skin complexion as it is possible. Well, the climate in Asia and moreover in Thailand is not very favorable to “whitening” lovers. The violence of the sun speeds up aging processes, causes skin pigmentation, leads to melasma and therefore makes a lot of girls upset and worried.

Can these problems be prevented? Sure, but our skin needs specific daily care if we want to keep it whiter than white. First of all, do not forget to put on sunscreen every time you go outside. Make sure you wear clothing with UV protection, a hat and sunglasses. The UV rays from Thai sunlight are very strong and too much of it may cause skin cancer. So let's make a conscious effort to protect ourselves.

We can easily find effective whitening treatments in spas and clinics at almost every corner in Thailand. They do help and Thai skin care products & services are great! But after you have your tamarind scrub in the nearest spa or skin lightening peeling, your beautician will recommend you some home care as well.

There is a lot you can find in the nearest supermarket to make your skin care easy and cheap. So try out homemade whitening masks that work best:


  • Whitening mask based on lemon

Acids contained in this sunny fruit are the best way to whiten skin. So mix lemon juice (5 drops) and honey (about 50g). Apply the mixture onto your skin in the morning and leave it for 15 minutes before you rinse it off. If you are not an early bird, do not have time for such procedures or just want to sleep longer, you can apply a mask in the evening, just make it thicker. To do this, add a little flour into it, until a paste-like consistency. After rinsing put some nourishing cream on.

  • Milk mask

Milk is white, hence, the skin will be white!) Dairy product masks  have a very mild action and its effect is more gentle. The easiest option is to take a handful of rolled oats (milled on a coffee grinder) and mix them with 50 ml of yogurt or milk. Lie down, relax and leave the mask for about 20 minutes.

One more way is to mix blue clay with milk. Blue clay is particularly known for its whitening effect.

Not hard at all, right? So go ahead. The more we care about our skin the longer we will keep it radiant and young looking.

Whiter than white!

Whiter than white!

But if your skin suffers from more severe melasma problems or pigmentation you will need to consult a beaitcian or doctor. Book an appointment with a doctor at a convinient time for you at D'Highest Clinic with skin and beauty expertise focused on the holistic treatment. 

Whiter than white!

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