Q&A About Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery.

Tired of looking tired? If you are having saggy, lifeless eyes and heavy eye bags, ditch your greasy, useless creams now for it is time to meet your surgeon. Balms and creams that promise you wrinkle-free eyes are nothing but lies. And yet, many women tend to believe such cosmetics exist. Do you?  As we age, excess skin and fat accumulate underneath our upper eyelids. This makes our eyelids swollen and flaccid, thus making our eyes appear extremely exhausted even if we just woke up early in the morning. As you can see, this is apparently nothing to do with externally, but internally. To achieve a beautiful, youthful sparkle once again in your eyes, you have to undergo eyelift surgery. After all, there is no such thing as a shortcut in achieving beauty; we can only wish.

Like other rejuvenating surgical procedures, this method will swiftly and incredibly bring back your youthful appearance.

So what is eyelid surgery or eyelid lift?

Don’t be fooled by its name but eyelid lift has nothing to do with lifting your eyelids. Blepharoplasty, or commonly known as eyelid lift is a surgical procedure performed to either remove or add excess skin and fat. Actually, there are three types of eyelid surgery. First is the upper eyelid surgery. This procedure addresses greater functionality for this method will not only restore your radiant looks but will also greatly enhance your vision. For the upper eyelid procedure, the surgeon uses incisions to remove skin and fat. Second is the lower eyelid surgery. As its name indicates, this procedure involves skin incisions below the lash line.

The surgeon will strikingly reduce unwanted skin and wrinkles on the lower part of your eye. You may also want to undergo laser resurfacing to completely eradicate fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother appearance. Tightening of the skin is highly suggested to prevent reoccurring eye bags or sagging. Eyelid surgery corrects such conditions permanently. Now you no longer have to worry getting crow’s feet or having to undergo this exact same procedure again.  Last but not the least is the Asian eyelid surgery. This procedure earned its moniker due to an immensely large number of Asians undergoing this procedure. Since Asians mostly have mono-lids, this method is what people call the “Westernization” of the eyes which gives Asians a double lid crease. Nowadays, this has become an Asian trend all over the world. Hopefully Asians won’t undergo this procedure simply because it is a European face requirement to be socially accepted. It is not a wise thing to transform your ethnic appearance to avoid discrimination of any sort. It may soften its ethnic feature a little, but it definitely won’t make any Asian look more Caucasian. Asians already have inherently alluring eyes. Trying to get a Western aesthetic is totally out of the picture. Nonetheless, this procedure was introduced merely to improve that natural look.

Eyelid Surgery

Is eyelid surgery a highly intricate procedure to carry out successfully?

Yes, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. While it seems too easy to locate hundreds or even thousands of eyelid surgeons, you must always take note of the risk and the cost for such an ambitious procedure.

Would it be so much better to find a surgeon who is the complete package?

If you are thinking of getting an eyelid surgery whether to correct certain eye problems or to simply enhance what beautiful eyes you already have, you can always count on the adept eyelid surgeons in Thailand/Bangkok. Based on numerous reviews from the patients, eyelid surgeons in Thailand are deemed as most proficient when it comes to this matter. No doubt about it. They are the hub of cosmetology after all.

Yeah, but about the costs?

Surely you will get your money’s worth and avoid complications and other risks. Even so, each type of surgery varies depending on how much time, complexity of operation, and so on. The fee must include the surgeon’s fee, facility fee, and anesthesia. Usually it starts from $800 and beyond. You won’t be able to see clearly for a day so it is best to stay at the hospital. Reactions after coming out of anesthesia also differ from one person to another. For the first two weeks, you will mostly find bruising and swelling around your eyes. You will be prescribed to take pain medications to alleviate the pain. It is completely normal for you to be experiencing slight discomfort for the first two weeks after the operation. Recovery time starts at two weeks but will also extend up to a month for some. Within just a couple of weeks, you will then see the beautiful result of your hard work.

Remember how surgery is not an impulsive decision but an investment to make, so it is wise to avoid a sales pitch and wrong turns. It is completely normal to feel anxious at first but as soon

Q&A About Eyelid Surgery

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