Over 30? Nervous and worried? Have you heard of thread lift?

Not all will admit it, but we always make an effort to look lovely. As a matter of fact, we wish to preserve our youthful glow and keep looking gorgeous no matter the cost. However, the effects of gravity is making aging gracefully doesn’t seem so easy after all. How much more are the sagging cheeks?

  • Lines and crinkles are getting too visible and too difficult to conceal.  

  • The jaw that used to be strong and tight has gotten flabby. Elastin fibers and collagen break down.

  • Your facial tissues are thinning. Once facial fat is lost, the sides of the mouth, chin, lower face, and neck sags.

This phenomenon is referred as ptosis by doctors. Certainly you will think of getting a face surgery immediately. Everyone wishes to have supple, young-looking skin; however, not all are willing to take the risks of undergoing surgery. If you are among those people who prefer a less invasive procedure, then you should try getting a Thread lift instead.

Thread lift is the safest and quickest method for correcting sagging cheeks and jowls.

Over 30? Nervous and worried? Have you heard of thread lift?

The best candidates for this procedure are both men and women whose ages are from 30 to 60. Even those who aren’t experiencing sagging yet but have terribly loose skin are highly recommended to undergo this procedure as well. This is perfect for anyone who requires little to moderate rejuvenation. Likewise, this is the best method to prevent side effects and scarring. Most of all, Thread lift costs only a fraction of what it costs you to undergo traditional methods.

So how does it work? Thread lifting hoists various parts of your face and body using special threads that will discreetly hold transposed skin and facial tissues without the need to perform surgical incisions. There are two types of special threads used for Thread lift: free-floating or barbed threads and suspension or smooth threads. On one hand, barbed threads are broken down to different categories which depend on the direction of their cogs: convergent or divergent and uni-directional or bi-directional. Once attached to the needle, these threads are used to pull your skin upwards. Barbed polypropylene threads are inserted using a technique called tunneling. This procedure can be customized based upon your chosen results. These threads are self-supporting. On the other hand, smooth threads are made either from prolene or nylon. These types of threads only require suspension and do not need to be attached to a certain facial structure.   

For this procedure, local anesthesia shall be administered. And if desired, your surgeon may also sedate you through intravenous dip to make you dozy and prevent you from feeling any ache and discomfort. Your surgeon will then start inserting threads through tiny punctures to the skin. Depending on the number of areas that needs correcting and which type of threads used, this procedure will finish within a maximum of two hours.

Eighteen barbed threads are needed for a full face thread lift including the brow, cheeks, jaw line, and each side of the neck.

Four threads are the minimum needed to correct one sagging facial area.

Over 30? Nervous and worried? Have you heard of thread lift?

It is very crucial that you thoroughly discuss with your surgeon your desired results beforehand. Your suitability for this procedure will also be verified by your doctor for him to determine whether this is the appropriate treatment for you or if you require a more ambitious cosmetic treatment. Although this method promises no side effects, you may or may not experience any allergic reaction right after the procedure is accomplished. Slight swelling and few bruises within a few days are to be expected. You will also notice how facial movement is restrained during this period. Within a week or two, full recovery shall take place. Results, nonetheless, are visible almost immediately, but it takes a month to completely see the final result. If barbed threads work its way out of the skin, do not re-insert the thread for it might result in an infection. See your doctor immediately and have the protruding end trimmed.

It will continue to improve within three to six months as collagen develops around the thread. Collagen will assist with the lifting effect. Thread lifts that uses barbed threads are long-lasting and can actually last up to five years.  However, experts have stated that thread lifts using suspension threads look more remarkable and dramatic compared to the usage of free-floating or barbed threads.

Moreover, Thread lift can complement other facial rejuvenation methods.  You may also combine Thread lift with other cosmetic procedures such as Botox to greatly reduce muscle activity, dermal fillers to improve volume, and laser therapy to smoothen skin texture. Thread lift and Botox combined makes a dainty face! If you do not wish to go so far in the name of beauty, Thread lift is the best choice for you. However, the effects aren’t permanent so a touch up is needed in the future.

Over 30? Nervous and worried? Have you heard of thread lift?

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