Stalling Ageing Naturally

Thick as thieves, women and beauty are two things that are quite indivisible. In fact, women can devote most of their time managing their appearance, trying to achieve what each individual consider as her ideal look.

Beauty is undeniably a dynamic for self-esteem. If a certain individual finds himself or herself looking good, he or she tends to feel good instantly. Who doesn’t want to look young and beautiful forever? For this very reason, opportunists have found exciting business ventures. This lead to treatments like botox, fillers, collagen products, face listing surgery and the lists goes on. Stroll down the beauty aisle at any store and you will find countless products that promise to give you flawless skin, anti-ageing miracles and all that jazz. Google for doctors and clinics and you will find one that will bring you 5-10 years back. Yes, they do work, no doubts!

Stalling Ageing Naturally - Bookup Asia

Stalling Ageing Naturally - Bookup Asia

But does it really mean that we can forget about ourselves' care, fitness, diets and using recipes our mothers kept for centuries? Of course, not! Very good night sleep, healthy food, regular exercises and home skin are as important and very helpful in anti-ageing as drastic clinic methods. So why not open up the fridge and whip up your own masks, scrubs, and creams at home?

Beauty Preps at Home

People aren’t aware that Mother Nature has everything we need. Look no further than your kitchen and you can concoct your own miracle anti-ageing potion. Compared to pricey skin-care products, DIY creams and moisturizers made of fresh ingredients are jam-packed with youth-boosting antioxidants that your skin can utilize straight away. So go to your kitchen, open up the fridge, and feel free to experiment. Here are some key ingredients you can add to your blend:

  • Rice Milk – Rice milk is a traditional ingredient in Japan. It is rich in vitamin E, exfoliating and smoothing skin effectively. You can use it alone as a toner, or mix it with brown rice flour so you can have your own Rice Milk Mask.

  • Olive Oil – Olive oil is affluent in antioxidants which combat skin-damaging free radicals. It is also a good source of vitamins A and E which will moisturize, repair, and aid the regeneration of new skin cells. Simply massage olive oil into your skin twice a day. Olive oil effectively tightens drooping skin and keeps it moisturized all day long.

  • Aloe Vera – Cut an Aloe Vera leaf and extracts its gel. By simply applying the fresh gel onto your skin for 15 minutes, you are already improving the elasticity of your skin. This plant contains malic acid that greatly reduces wrinkles.

  • Banana – Create a thick paste by mashing two ripe bananas. Use this paste a facial mask. Bananas are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can treat wrinkles and boost skin’s ability to rejuvenate.   

Rice milk, olive oil, Aloe Vera, and banana are just a few popular examples. Mother Nature has an incredible long list of what she has in store for us. You don’t necessarily have to prepare your own concoction. You may just choose a particular ingredient such as an egg and rub it against your face. It’s that simple!

Can My Food Help Me Age Gracefully?

The obvious answer is yes. You are what you put on your plate. What do you expect if you eat fast-food and processed food then?  You can add more years to your life and subtract years off your face by making smart food choices. Too much sugar and processed carbohydrates only damage your skin and your overall health. High-glycemic food cause acne and worsen wrinkles. So think twice if you are tempted on buying a bag of chips and a dozen donuts. Instead of gorging on hot dogs, donuts, chips, fries and the like, munch on avocado, yogurt, lean meat, and nuts. A  Mediterranean-style diet is a good example: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean protein. They have the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to keep you healthy inside and out.

Facial Exercises against Ageing - Bookup Asia

 Facial Exercises against Ageing - Bookup Asia

Facial Exercises against Ageing

Doing facial exercises is no magic bullet against ageing but it definitely stalls the ageing process along with healthy diet and active lifestyle. Its primary purpose is to tone and tighten muscles, increasing circulation to restore a youthful look that glows with radiance. You may ditch the idea of getting surgery and opt for these alternatives as long as you are stubbornly persistent. Here are some examples:

  1. Smile Smoother – This exercise is for cheek lines and sagging skin. Simply make an “O” shape with your mouth, smile widely, and repeat this step six times.

  1. Flirty Eyes – For deep eye hollows and drooping eyebrows, place an index finger under each eye that point towards your nose. Then wink at the ceiling for 30 seconds.

  1. The V – Form a “V” by pressing your middle fingers together at the inner corner of your eyebrows. Apply pressure on the outer corners of your eyebrows sing your index fingers. Look at the ceiling and perform a strong quint. Repeat this procedure six times. This facial exercise is for treating eye bags, crow’s feet, and puffiness.

These steps may sound absurd and too good to be true, but it has been proven effective by many. In the long run, it does take an ample amount of your time and effort. If you could wait, these steps of stalling the ageing process can bring long-lasting effects. So before you empty your wallet on pricey stuff, why not go back to the basics? It is definitely worth the try. To think, even our ancestors only rely on what nature has to offer.

Stalling Ageing Naturally

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