Botox vs. Dermal Fillers

What are Botox and dermal fillers? How do they differ from each other? There is a fine line between the two. Let us understand the difference between the two popular treatments.

Lines develop on our face and become more visible over time. Wrinkles between the eyebrows, around the mouth and elsewhere are due to facial movements. Botulinum toxin, or also known as Botox is a purified protein that impedes the action of nerves on the muscles. In other words, Botox is a paralysis agent that temporarily relaxes muscles to prevent the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is one of the most popular treatments on the market to soften and reduce the visibility of Crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles. Its efficiency is the product of thorough studies. Plus, it is very safe and has been used considerably in the medical and cosmetic field.

Botox vs. Derma Fillers - Bookup Asia 

Botox vs. Derma Fillers - Bookup Asia

No downtime is associated with this type of treatment. You may experience a few bruising and swelling after the procedure.  However, these bruises can be concealed by makeup. In the bright side, there are no long-term side effects of this treatment. Patients can proceed with their normal activities right away. Botox can last up to 4-6 months.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, are Hyaluronic Acid. The natural collagen and elastin in your skin diminishes as you age. Cells lose their ability to rejuvenate and maintain a youthful complexion. Hence, skin becomes dry, thin, and vulnerable to imperfections. To keep the skin firm, Hyaluronic acid, a gel-like substance is injected to various areas of your skin to lift and smooth folds and wrinkles through adding slight volume to your face. Derma fillers can also serve as a quick and easy solution to plump up lips. Due to its plumping effect, your face will restore its youthful suppleness. Although they are used primarily to replenish normal volume loss due to aging, fillers can also correct the appearance of eye bags and the jawline. What is the point in having an expensive necklace without a beautiful symmetric jawline to match, right? What is more, you will only have to spend a fraction of what a face-lift could cost. The effects of derma fillers can be seen immediately, leaving no scars.

The treatment takes around 30-45 minutes. Slight bruising and swelling may appear right after the procedure, but it will disappear not more than a day. There are various types of dermal fillers on the market: Voluma, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane are among the top choices. Unlike Botox, derma fillers can last longer. In fact, its aesthetic outcome can last for a year or two.

To make it simple, Botox is used for:

  • skin rejuvenation;

  • temporary treatment of moderate to severe lines.

Works best…

  • in-between eyebrows,

  • across forehead,

  • crow’s feet.

Dermal fillers aim to:

  • add volume to shape certain facial features;

  • plump lips;

  • smooth out moderate to severe lines;

  • fills creases and folds.

Work’s best…

  • around the mouth,

  • cheeks,

  • chin,

  • jaw line,

  • marionette lines,

  • nasolabial folds.

Who Should Pass Up These Treatments?

Avoid the use of Botox especially if you have a history of muscle complaints and other nerve damages. Too much use of Botox can also take away your ability to smile. That is when the use of derma fillers comes in handy. Fillers are best used around the mouth instead. Moreover, the use of Botox is not advisable for pregnant women and lactating mothers. By far, there is no evidence that the usage of Botox under these circumstances is dangerous; however, it is best to prevent anything regrettable to happen.

Botox vs. Derma Fillers - Bookup Asia

 Botox vs. Derma Fillers - Bookup Asia

The Bottom Line

Botox and derma fillers are both effective treatments. Both cosmetic procedures rarely produce side effects except for minor cases such as bruising, swelling, and a slight discoloration of some patches of your skin which will typically diminish for a short period of time. Because of its efficacy and safety, Botox and derma fillers have surged in popularity. Although totally different, Botox and derma fillers can be used in a complementary fashion. While you treat lines and wrinkles with Botox, add volume into lacking areas of your skin with derma fillers. With the help of derma fillers, you can contour certain areas of your face to produce a more aesthetically pleasing outcome. Unfortunately, both treatments are only temporary and will last for different time lengths.

If you need to put some va-va-voom into your languishing face, then it is time to get some needlework to look taught and not fraught.  Botox and dermal fillers are on the menu at countless hospitals and clinics in Thailand. Botox costs 5,000 THB while dermal fillers cost 12,000 THB. The ultimate combination of Botox and derma fillers will keep you looking fresh and vibrant. If you want to use Botox and derma fillers as a maintenance treatment, you probably won’t even need a facelift.


Botox vs. Dermal Fillers

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