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Cancellation Policy.

Bookup Asia works with over 500 clinics and salons and most of them have their own requirements, confirmation and cancellation terms and process. We have done our best to generalize these requirements to all clients but we have to take their differences into account. Doing so, we have taken a minimum of 5 days advance cancellation period. It means that at least 120 hours before your booking date and time you have to inform us and give your reason for cancellation. The main reason for that is that the specialist, master or doctor have kept the time slot to provide you with the service/treatment so he/she can not receive other clients in this time slot. In many cases buying materials, machine preparation or invited specialists are also involved, meaning that the clinic or salon have invested time and money to treat you properly.

As you have made your payment with the payment system or gate (Paypal, Expay, Omise), this service has already charged its fees from Bookup Asia which will not be refunded.

Bookup Asia will transfer the money paid/deposited to the clinic/salon within 96 hours. Depending on the clinic administration requirements in some cases as soon as the clinic/salon confirms receiving your payment it takes responsibility for cancellation process and paying money back to you. Thereby, do pay enough attention to the contact and payment details you fill in during the payment and confirmation process.

Full cancellation of your booking and getting payment refund is not a 5 minute process and depends on the payment type chosen by you and the clinic/salon requirements. In case you are late with informing us all details and the reason for the cancellation you can be refused in cancellation and refund.

Payments with PayPal can be easily refunded immediately only in case that the money is not yet transfered to the clinic. The same happens with refunds for payments made with your credit card (Omise system). In case the money is still at Bookup Asia it will take up to 20 working days. To refund payments made with the counter service (7-Eleven) is very complicated, if possible at all.

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