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Sompoj Plastic Surgery Clinic

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Dr. Kamthorn Clinic

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What is a Breast Augmentation?

As the name suggests, breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure when breast implants are inserted or fat is transferred into the breasts of a woman to increase the breasts size, change their shape, correct asymmetry or improve texture.

Breast augmentation is colloquially known as boob job or breast aug. It can help make your breasts bigger and restore their volume after pregnancy or quick weight loss.

Breast augmentation deals with improving body proportions and fullness of breasts. In many cases it acts as an important instrument in restoring self-confidence, too.

It is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures worldwide with the very first boob job with modern implants performed in 1962.

Am I a candidate for a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation can be performed with therapeutic or cosmetic purposes.
In both cases you are a candidate if:

  • One or both of your breasts require reconstruction because of trauma
  • You are not satisfied with the size of your breasts and believe that they are too small
  • You have asymmetrical breasts or one or both of them failed to develop normally
  • You are unhappy with the volume or shape of your breasts after pregnancy, breastfeeding or major weight loss

Before deciding on breast augmentation in Thailand make sure that:

  • You are healthy
  • You are not breastfeeding and not pregnant
  • Your breasts are fully developed
  • Are realistic about the results of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery can be done even if you are planning future pregnancies and want to breastfeed. Occasionally, breast implants can cause breastfeeding difficulties. To avoid them, discuss it with your surgeon to avoid cutting milk ducts.

How is Breast Augmentation Performed?

The main steps during breast augmentation include Anaesthesia – Surgery – Inserting of implants – Closing the incision.

Depending on the type of breast aug, either intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia is used.

An incision is mage through which breast implants will be emplaced. Surgical incisions can be made in one of the following areas:

  • Below the breast – a inframmamary incision. It allows maximum access and is the best choice for silicon-gel implants.
  • Along the areola edge – a perioral incision. This incision leaves almost invisible scar and is preferable if it is necessary to preserve milk ducts.
  • In the armpit – a transaxillary incision. It can be performed either bluntly or with an endoscope. This type of incision does not produce visible scars on the breast itself.
  • Transumbilical incision, when the incision is made in the navel area, is more technically difficult and potentially riskier.

Inserting and placing of the implant
Depending on the type of the implant used and the desired size of the breast, an implant is placed either under percoralis major muscle or over it, immediately behind the breast tissue.

Closing the incision
Layered sutures are used to put breast tissues together.
After that, skin is closed with sutures, surgical tape, or skin adhesives.

What types of breast implants are available?

Today, there are two major types of breast implants available worldwide and in Thailand with variations within each type.

**Saline implants**
These implants are filled with sterile saline solution. First manufactured in 1964, now such implants are made with thicker shells to prevent leaking.

If the shell leaks, however, the sterile saline solution will be absorbed naturally but the implant will collapse.

Emplacement of saline implants technically is a less invasive procedure.

Saline implants help get quite a realistic texture and a smooth hemisphere contour of breasts.

**Silicon implants**
Invented in 1961, silicon implants have undergone certain evolution with the fifth generation of silicon gel implants now available.

They are currently made of a high-strength, highly cohesive silicone gel that ensures almost 100% filler leakage prevention thus eliminating the risk of silicon filler migrating in the woman’s body.

These implants are sometimes called gummy bear breast implants for their firm consistency.

Alongside with gummy bear breast implants, silicone implants of the third and the fourth generation are still in use. There are anatomic models that very realistically resemble natural breasts and shaped models, round or tapered.

What are the risks of Breast Augmentation surgery?

Before making decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery, make sure you fully understand risks and possible complications. Breast tissues have very sensible biological nature, and as with any surgery, breast augmentation indeed does entail some risks.

Some major risks of boob job include:

  • Adverse reaction to anaesthesia
  • Bleeding, or post-operative hematoma, bruising
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Bad would healing or infection
  • Breast pain and altered sensation
  • Difficulties with breast-feeding
  • Visible scar due to tissue expanders
  • Implant rupture or filler leakage
  • Wrong position of the implant
  • Skin wrinkling over the implant

Remember that you will have to visit your breast doctor after breast augmentation at least once a year to evaluate the condition of your breast implants.

What results should I expect after Breast Augmentation

You will see your new, bigger breasts immediately after surgery. But final results are best evaluated after a couple of weeks when the swelling subsides.

Scars will remain reddish and prominent for a while but normally become lighter in colour and flatter after six–12 months after procedure.

Similarly, sensitivity to nipple area and the breasts in general may need some time to return.

Usually patients report that after three to six months they get used to their new breasts and feel comfortable and confident with them.

What should I expect during my Breast Augmentation recovery?

Breast augmentation surgery is an out-patient procedure. While you will be left for monitoring for an hour or so after the implants are placed and incisions are closed, you normally will be able to leave the clinic or hospital soon after that.

The initial breast implant recovery takes between a week and two. During this period the swelling subsides, the skin stretches to better accommodate your new breasts and the breasts acquire their new shape.

Post-operative medications, often – antibiotics to prevent possible inflammation – can be prescribed for the initial recovery period.

Depending on the dressing of incisions, you may be asked either to clear wounds daily and apply ointment or to keep tape on for a week or so.

Normally, a support bra or an elastic bandage is used to help breasts heal quicker.

How Much Does a Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost?

There are several factors that influence the breast augmentation cost. Among them are the type of the implants, the breast implant cost and the clinic where procedure is performed. Thus there is a huge variation in prices.

How much do breast implants cost? In media, the cheapest implants in Thailand are unlikely to cost you less than USD2,000. Average cost of breast implants in Thailand is about USD3,000. It is about two times less than you would pay for the implants in Australia or Europe.

Expect average breast augmentation cost in Thailand including anaesthesia, use of surgical facilities, surgeon’s fee and materials to be around USD3,500–USD5,000.

Why Choose Thailand over Other Countries?

Breast augmentation surgery in Thailand is much more affordable than it can be in your home country. For many patients it is the main reason for choosing Thailand for their boob job. You should not however take into consideration only the cost of the procedure. Here are some more pros for breast augmentation in Thailand.

  • Thailand offers exceptional medical facilities for cosmetic plastic surgery, breast augmentation included.
  • Medical tourism in Thailand is rising. The country is putting a lot of effort and investing money to boost medical tourism. The quality of plastic surgery offered in Thailand is very high.
  • Thai surgeons are among the best breast augmentation surgeons in the world. They are highly experiences and qualified.
  • There are many US- or Australia-trained doctors among plastic surgeons in Thailand. They are internationally certified, have experience in dealing with foreign patients and are aware of international visitors’ expectations.
  • There are English-speaking doctors and staff in many Thai clinics and hospitals. Best breast augmentation clinics offer multi-lingual interpreter services free of charge.
  • After-surgery care and nursing in Thailand is top-notch.

How to Choose Right Clinic?

  • Do not let the price be the main factor of your decision. Breast augmentation is highly personal procedure performed on rather vulnerable body area. You want to be sure it will be done properly and with minimal risk.
  • Plastic surgery departments in well-established bigger hospitals may be a better idea than smaller private clinics. Should an emergency occur, hospitals usually feature ICU.
  • It is always important to understand how long the clinic or hospital has been in existence; how long they perform breast augmentation surgery; what is their safety record.
  • Pre-operative consultations are a must. Not only you meet with the plastic surgeon who will perform the procedure for you and establish trusting relations; it is the surgeon who should help you decide on the type, shape and size of the breast implants, discuss all possible risks and complications with you.
  • Check the necessary certificates, training and experience of your doctor. Go online to find out other patients’ reviews.
  • If in doubt, think twice.
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