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6 November 2019
Anti-ageing: how it can help you?
Ageing is a complex process in which stem cells and fibroblasts are progressively damaged by stress, nutrition, and lifestyle.
21 October 2019
Transsexuals more acceptable in Thai society: Nida Poll
Transsexual people have become more acceptable in Thai society, according to an opinion survey released on Sunday by the National Institute of Development Administration, or Nida Poll.
17 October 2019
Meet the motorbike-riding truck-driving trans woman from Wagga Wagga
Holly Conroy wants trans Australians to know that the country has changed - even in rural areas - and that it's never been easier to live as your true gender.
15 October 2019
Embryonic versus adult stem cells: What’s the difference?
Want to understand the key differences between adult stem cells and embryonic? It's not too comlicated, as our blog explains...
10 October 2019
Transgender surgery linked with better long-term mental health, study shows
Transgender individuals are six times as likely to seek mental health care, and surgery can help, a new study shows.
26 August 2019
Non-heterosexual and non-cisgender people who identify outside of the four letters in LGBT want to add more letters and symbols to the traditional acronym for queer, asexual, and more
8 March 2017
The SIB Beauty Clinic
Beauty Clinic is open for treatment and consultation on skin, facial, hair and cosmetic surgery by a team of plastic surgeons.
8 March 2017
Hi-Tech for Your Beauty!
In Bookup Asia we know that Thailand is one of the leading countries in applying innovative technologies in the beauty industry. On a monthly basis we monitor the latest industry news, learning the most modern and effective methods of skins care, rejuvenation and general health. We succeed in working with the beauty clinics and salons, that have highly advanced in applying the innovative technologies and materials only approved by the world leading and local authorities like FDA or Ministry of Health.
23 February 2015
Catching up with our clients!
Fast growing and developing technologies have motivated us to create the service that would help users like you find what suits best for your beauty! Devices, people use to communicate and exchange information are amazing nowadays! Every year we get the new versions with a number of more sophisticated functions and less limited opportunities.
1 December 2014
Enjoying work all around Thailand!
Bookup team of consultants are just off the plane from Phuket and these are the first words heard in the office: "It was marvelous!"
29 August 2014
Proud Bangkok Aesthetic consulting and training team travels and visits clinics and salons that work with us. Recently we were welcome in the Proud Bangkok Aesthetic Clinic. Clinic staff were happy to get their training and got excited with how to use the management system, control daily activities and take care about their customers using the latest technologies.
8 August 2014
Desheli Clinic
Today, we have put together my activities team has traveled to. How to use administrative data store (where you can manage the movements of the store) and register to use the system to Desheli.  We are pleased and grateful that the clinic provides. we use this system in place.
29 April 2014
Month of May prize goes to...
only choose any service get a chance to win for voucher
4 April 2014 gave away another IPAD MINI at the World Health & Beauty expo 2014
Congratulations to Sabunnga Spa, the 2nd winner of's “win an Ipad-mini contest”.
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