Month of May prize goes to...

Our May HAPPY PRIZE campaign is over. For the three weeks we have runned the campaign which allowed everyone to get beauty services FREE from

Meet our third winner, Ekaterina Tsvetkova who has had her refund of THB 1000 back! We asked Ekaterina how difficult it was to win.

Ekaterina: Haha! Funny question! I'm not sure if you're asking me the right question. Kidding aside, It was as easy as pie! I just booked the two offers I chose at, had them done and left the reviews! As a matter of fact, without much hopes of winning, I just sincerely left reviews because I had such a great experience with the Golden mask and Manicure I got but to my surprise, called me days after and informed that I had won! I loved the Golden Mask! I loved the refund! Thank you!

Over 1000 services and plenty of surprises wait for you at

Month of May prize goes to...

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