Enjoying work all around Thailand!

Phuket Clinics Visit

Bookup team of consultants are just off the plane from Phuket and these are the first words heard in the office: “It was marvelous!”

So what exactly was marvelous, guys?

“We met plenty of interesting people and learnt that there are a lot of professionals in Phuket too.We were lucky to visit almost all shops we planned in each industry of our service starting from tattoo salons finishing with surgery clinics”

Happy Client Manager

Their first two days were the busiest as they had to visit and meet such big brands like Oasis Spa and Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary. Oasis Spa are our old friends and clients in Chiang Mai too. So the team was happy to meet the Phuket staff.

New Client Bookup  

It was great to discover that Dental clinics like are D.D.S Dental Clinic keep up very good quality and truly welcoming atmosphere for their customers both foreigners and locals.

Phuket is also popular with its surgery and medical beauty services and doctors. Clinics likeRadian Medical and Siam International Clinic provide western quality standards.

You will find everything in Phuket which you have been dreaming of so long: sandy beaches, warm sea at any time of the year, the gentle sun, palm trees on the beach and beautiful nature. And this  is combined with a well-developed infrastructure (it is considered one the best of all the islands of Southeast Asia): numerous hotels to suit every taste and purse, restaurants, bars, huge shopping centers, souvenir shops, food and clothing markets, banks, night clubs, discos, and of course all about your beauty and wellness.

Phuket View from Banyan Spa   

The most remarkable thing to discover was that most beauty shops offer one-stop solutions, like for example you can have your nails, hair, tattoo and facial done in one salon like De Flora Spa .  

Welcome at De Flora Spa

Enjoying work all around Thailand!

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