The SIB Beauty Clinic

Bookup Asia develops and grows regularly both from quality and quantity point of view. We are doing our best to attract the best clinics and beauty salons to use our service and advantage from the complex online services.


2014 has been very successful in terms of getting important partners, warm friends and loyal clients of course. 
The SIB Beauty Clinic  has become one of them and we are happy to have them on board. We are proud to partner the clinic with the good reputation and high quality service.
The great thing about the clinic is their accurate approach to each and every detail. They constantly care about what clients thinks when just enter the clinic till the moment when the door closes after the client leaves the clinic happily. That was the first thing our consultant team noticed when we visited them. 
The atmosphere is so welcoming that you want to stay longer at all clinic branches. But neither doctors or reception staff will waste your time. The consultations are completely based on your needs and all questions about skin problems, anti aging procedures and surgery are properly explained. 

Dr. Darin Moungthai, M.D. confirms the information we have collected about her clinic and shares their beautiful slogan: "Turning you into something new".

We are sure you will find any type of cosmetic surgery, like blepharoplasty or V-shape, or laser treatment perfectly done in this clinic and stay happy.

The SIB Beauty Clinic

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