Today, Bookup Asia would like to introduce "LGBT" to tell and explain what it is for us to know and understand these groups too.

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and along with heterosexual they are terms used to describe people’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

What is LGBT ?

LGBT is a group of people with a gender identity or sexual orientation that is different from most people in society. Which can be divided into 3 groups as follows ;

Group 1 is a group that is diverse in gender identity
People whose gender does not appear physically and mentally, such as the body is a man, but the heart feels that she is a woman. Or the body was born as a woman but the heart felt herself to be a man.

Group 2 is a group that is diverse in sexual orientation
Each person can have feelings of love, affection, attraction, or sexual attraction towards one another in a variety of ways. Whether it is heterosexual love, same sex, love in both sexes or even not feeling any sexuality with any gender at all.

Group 3 is a group that is diverse in gender expression
Of course, each person's external expression may not be the same. Some people may be interpreted in the context of that society as being that gender. For example, people with long hair should wear skirts, must be women.

LGBT has a full name, LGBTQ, which is a term referring to alternative sex groups such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, here, not by gender. In which these abbreviations and letters stand for...

  1. Lesbian - a woman who likes women together.
  2. Gay - men who like men Or people who like the same sex (Homosexual)
  3. Bisexual - who like both men and women (notice that Bi means 2)
  4. Transgender - woman with a male mind or man with a female mind. In short
  5. Queen - queen is a broad call. Refers to the group of people who do not have sex in general society, not limited to sexual orientation

Is gender choice abnormal?


Gender diversity is a complex part of the body's components, whether hormones + chemicals in the brain + mind + parenting + individual thinking + society + expectations + acceptance + diverse cultures etc. For medical site, people with different tastes or sexual expressions are not considered abnormal.

Only a doctor or specialist may advise you to adjust and understand the people around you. But for some people who are clearly different in sex, they may have to suffer and suffer. Under the body that, in deep feelings, then it "Not your own body", which these groups must be helped by diffusing to try to modify the body to be in accordance with their mental state.

That is, sex reassignment surgery, in which Thailand currently has many clinics and hospitals, ready to provide services and education to those groups. In order to change the body into the hope (More details can be found at

Entering the sex change process

When the right time arrives, they will be ready to change their bodies according to their mind needs. By the first thing before the surgical procedure, they have to consult with a medical specialist in various areas such as

  1. Searching for information about locations that offer sex reassignment surgery services. Or consult a staff member with expertise and advice (choose Bookup Asia, we are here to provide...)
  2. People who want to use hormones should consult a doctor about the endocrine system or gynecologist. If evaluated, including considering the use of hormones and drugs while appropriate may not be harmful (Importantly, should not buy these drugs to eat by themselves).
  3. After discussing the details about the surgery. Those interested in undergoing sex reassignment surgery must visit a psychiatrist to confirm the diagnosis and assess their mental readiness before surgery.
  4. Should undergo surgery from a surgeon who is specialized in sex reassignment surgery. Also, the surgery place should be standardized and safe.

Most popular Clinic / Hospital for sex change in Thailand

เพศทางเลือก LGBT

If you want to change yourself safely and highest standards, today Bookup Asia has compiled the leading clinics and hospitals that provide sex reassignment surgery in Thailand :

  1. Kamol Cosmetic Hospital
  2. Yanhee Internationnal Hospital
  3. YB Holistic
  4. W Plastic Surgery Hospital
  5. Lelux Hospital

Hope that the information we have deposited today is more or less useful. Before deciding to change, you should consider it carefully. Don't forget to check the quality of the beauty institute, choose a surgeon who has expertise, ask questions before surgery, inquire about care after the procedure. Including if there is a problem, how can the surgeon's remedies be able to solve for us? These things are all important to make the treatment work better and more satisfying. : Online Center for Surgery, Beauty and Health Clinic That allows you to make an appointment online, we also provide advice about beauty, free service and free of charge

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