Site Usage Terms and Conditions.

Bookup Asia is a booking platform that helps connect Bookup Asia website users seeking for beauty services and clinics/salons, which are SM business offering beauty, wellness and health treatments. Both sides are involved into process and are considered to be Bookup Asia clients.

Our Service.

Bookup Asia provides an opportunity to the users to chose the beauty service, the clinic/salon or the specialist and booking time for the treatment. Registered users get their personal dashboard with the website usage history: bookings they made, reviews they left, payments they made, shops they “favorited”.

Bookup Asia registers and allows clinic/salon managers, specialist and owners register their business at Bookup Asia and use the CRM system; gives the right to clinic/salon managers, specialists, owners to present information about their treatment, place, prices and booking requirements at the website.

Bookup Asia offer its services both online and by phone, thereby everyone who uses Bookup Asia website may contact a call center operator to get consultation, confirm booking to change booking time.

Rights and responsibilities.

Some of the content at Bookup Asia website is provided by the third parties. does not carry the responsibility for the 100% accuracy of the content. Some clinics require 100% advance payment to confirm the doctor availability, some of them only 20% of the service price. team regularly checks the contact and industry details but the information is subject to be changed and updated by the clinic/salon managers, specialists, owners.

Bookup Asia verifies the Newly added businesses by asking to provide the registration documents copies and visiting the clinic or salon at least once by our staff. But Bookup Asia does not carry the responsibility for the final result of the treatment provided by the clinic/salon.

Bookup Asia keeps the right to refuse the users abusing the rights and violating terms and conditions in site access. As you sign in at the site you confirm that you will only use the site according to its features and functions.

The registration via Facebook or Google account helps beauty shops and clinics get a more detail customer profile and helps user authentication. only uses personal information to contact customers and help organize CRM for the businesses.

You are fully responsible for the confidentiality of your account name and password and all actions committed under your account. is not responsible for the not accurate personal information provided by the users.

In case you have issues or questions regarding your personal information, subscription conditions, rights and responsibilities, please email to [email protected]

Confirmation process.

The user making an online booking or call center booking via Bookup Asia is fully responsible for the action. The online booking is a way to guarantee the time and the staff member to provide the service is reserved for the time chosen by the user. Please make sure to appear for the service on time in other case the booking can be canceled unilaterally in 20 minutes after the start of the booking time. In case your plans have changed you will need to change the booking date and time at least 24 hours before the treatment. It does not mean though that you will get immediate confirmation for the changed date and time.

The main reason for that is that the specialist, master or doctor have kept the time slot to provide you with the service/treatment so he/she can not receive other clients in this time slot. In many cases buying materials, machine preparation or invited specialists are also involved, meaning that the clinic or salon have invested time and money to treat you properly. In case you change the booking date and time you need to be aware that the other time you chose may be already booked by the other client.

As soon as you pay with any option chosen we highly recommend to inform us about your payment. We do see the payments in our system but to chase up the process we will appreciate if you give a call to our specialist to confirm your payment.

Bookup Asia will transfer the money paid/deposited to the clinic/salon within 96 hours. Depending on the clinic administration requirements in some cases as soon as the clinic/salon confirms receiving your payment it takes responsibility for cancellation process and paying money back to you. Thereby, do pay enough attention to the contact and payment details you fill in during the payment and confirmation process.

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