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FOR BUSINESSES: For small and medium enterprises is a one-stop solution and technology to organize their daily operations effectively and maximize their business growth. Businesses choose to manage relations with their customers. We help engage with customers, attract more and retain up to 100%. Our CRM system is the full storage of all customers’ profiles and services history and the complete control of all CM and staff activities and performance. On-line booking and scheduling is a free option included into our Basic Package. The feature is designed to optimize bookings made on-line, or by phone and minimize the customers’ no-shows. Books and Calendar help organize staff schedules and other daily operations in the most efficient way. marketing and programmers’ team constantly keep up-to-date. As soon as a new business need appears on the market we carefully analyze it and develop a new feature to meet it.

FOR USERS: At potential customers can easily search for the services and their locations, as well as compare prices and offers. They can read a detail description of a clinic or a shop including other customers’ reviews. As soon as they are registered they can make on-line bookings and leave their own reviews after the service provided. The personal account keeps the entire history of all made bookings, contact information of favorite shops and all reviews on the rendered services. Users at the website get the latest updates on the industry, shops and clinics promotional campaigns and social news.

Free booking and journal

Free optimized bookings and schedules improve customers and staff satisfaction and loyalty. Everyone who enters can see your offers and book them.

Know your customers

Every customer ever visited your salon is profiled. All visits, money and services provided are consolidated in customer module.

Control Everything

No matter how big your business is or how many branches you have you can now apply centralized performance report.

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